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Net2Net's vision is to help build stronger, more productive global communities. We believe that self-sustaining communities arise when every individual has the means to live, the opportunity to learn, and the chance to share those gifts with others. As a result, our goal is to overcome poverty and dependence through partnerships that help to provide food, shelter, and other essential prerequisites to self-sufficiency.

Net2Net's vision is to be able to offer the tools and assistance to create an environment where people and communities can not only revive but continue to flourish and become self-sufficient.

Net2Net's team has participated in the Peace Corps, including doing volunteer work in Cameroon in the southern village of Bengbis. Rohini Solos was inspired by her mother's involvement with the Peace Corps for six years. She started volunteering at a very young age. Throughout middle school and High School, Rohini spent eight years volunteering in the Mental Health Association as well as two years at a convalescent home where she continued her efforts with the Peace Corps after graduating college. She developed and implemented her own programs in student education including art and classical ballet.

Net2Net is committed to reaching out to communities in need. Some of the global projects that we continue to support are:

  • Helping train new mothers in an occupation to support their new family in South Africa
  • Assisting the Abba House Foundation to care for pre and post sex slave children in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Working with Save the Children and other charitable organizations for relief efforts in Sri Lanka
  • Assisting local doctors in efforts with deaf and disabled children in rural villages in Vietnam​