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Net2Net Solutions



Net2Net Solutions can meet the unique Local Area Network (LAN) and/or Wide Area Network (WAN) requirements of your organization.

The team at Net2Net understands that business strategies and missions must have support with an optimal operating environment and LAN/WAN infrastructure.

We provide expertise in all areas of LAN/WAN analysis, design and implementation services, including:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture / Design Services
  • Implementation of Hardware
  • Configuration of HardwareTroubleshooting and Support​


Security management begins with an assessment of risks. While risk assessments are essential, they do not have to be complicated. By removing the complexity out of the risk assessment process, Net2Net has established a capability to provide rapid and responsive risk assessments for Federal government agencies. Our independent assessments identify risks, likelihoods, and impacts associated with all applicable system threats and vulnerabilities.

We use a proven process that starts with system categorization (as required by FIPS-199) and results in the delivery of a Risk Assessment Report that complies with Federal and agency-specific policies, in a format consistent with current NIST guidelines.

We provide experienced professionals with expertise in all areas of IT security management, including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Plan Development
  • System Test and Evaluations (ST&E)
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing
  • Contingency Plan Development and Testing, and
  • POA&M (Plan of Actions and Milestones) preparation.

Our subject matter experts work within each of our client organizations to implement processes that streamline the preparation of security control documentation, and provide complete, current, and consistent Security Plan preparation, ST&E procedures, Security Assessment reporting, and C&A package development.


Wireless networks have become a viable technology solution for any organization. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) transmit and receive data over the air, minimizing the need for hardwired connections. A wireless LAN is a flexible data communication system implemented as an extension, or alternative, to a wired LAN within a building or campus. Introducing a Wireless LAN for Radio-frequency identification (RFID), location-based services, IP Voice or other specialized applications requires a secure self-healing, manageable infrastructure.

Net2Net Solutions can design and implement robust and secure wireless networks that provide the coverage needed to support an agency's users or customers. We provide expertise in all areas of wireless network services, including:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture / Design Support
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Implementation of Hardware
  • Configuration of Hardware
  • Troubleshooting and Support


Convergence provides a completely integrated multiservice network by consolidating voice, video and data into the same network architecture.  This provides powerful new capabilities while substantially lowering costs over managing separate networks. Our Network Convergence services provide a Voice over IP (VoIP) Readiness Assessment to ensure that your network is capable of handling voice and video services in addition to your data.  Our networking experts are highly trained and have extensive knowledge in current and emerging VoIP / Telephony implementations and standards.  We will help you plan, design, implement, and operate a reliable, scalable, and secure converged network infrastructure.


Net2Net offers management consulting services with a focus on enterprise IT life cycle analysis, planning and implementation.  Our proactive approach to IT life cycle development integrates IT with your organization's business requirements and strategies to deliver optimal results.  This approach allows our customers to maintain and enhance the capability and capacity of their existing networks and communications systems through structured lifecycle strategies, lowering overall cost of ownership and minimizing residual and unexpected IT expenditures.